About L&F

THELOVEDANDFOUND was started in 2015 out of a desire to not only simplify my wardrobe, but also out of the sheer love and affinity I have for thrift shopping. Being raised by a single mother made my local VV Boutique (my fancy way of saying Value Village or Savers) a necessity. Fast forward twenty years, I balance luck and ability in being able to detect a designer find for mere dollars, a craft perfected through the countless hours spent with my mother perusing through racks and shelves.

I found my perfect balance through consignment both buying and selling pieces in the process of downsizing of my existing wardrobe, continually buying better pieces to trade up the good pieces in my closet. Buying better doesn’t always mean buying brand new or brand name. There is definitely something thrilling about finding a high quality piece for your wardrobe you love with a story to tell.

One of my most loved outfits is pairing my vintage Levi’s with a silk Chloe blouse and a leather Valentino belt. I spent under $200 on all three pieces which happen to be some of my favourite finds, but not my best ones. I love being able to share how little I spent compared to the value of my pieces. My closet boasts a great balance between pieces I love bought brand new, supplemented by other pieces I found at the consignment or thrift shop.

The idea behind the name is a play on “lost and found” where every item has been loved and found, intentionally put into a curated collection. Although not quite as structured as a capsule closet, my vision and intention is to share with you my curated closet to inspire you to pursue your own.

In these last few years, I have re-homed hundreds of items. My favourite part? The story behind each and every find. I hope this inspires you to pursue your personal style in some way with intentionality, moderation, and mindfulness. Along the way, if I happen to find you a piece to love, then my job is done.